Rules of Conduct

We know that you will find ACCESS ALLEGANY service to be comfortable and reliable. You can help to make riding the bus more pleasant for all customers by following a few simple riding tips:

  • New York State Law PROHIBITS SMOKING on-board ACCESS ALLEGANY buses.
  • There is NO EATING or DRINKING on-board ACCESS ALLEGANY buses, and please do not litter.
  • There is NO PLAYING RADIOS, tape players or other audio equipment while on-board ACCESS ALLEGANY buses. You may listen to these instruments with earphones or head phones provided the volume is turned down.
  • ANIMALS are not allowed on-board ACCESS ALLEGANY buses unless they are in a carrier that can fit on your lap or at your feet in front of you. Seeing Eye Dogs are allowed on-board to provide assistance to customers with sight impairments.
  • DO NOT vandalize or damage Buses or Shelters. Vandalism is a crime and will be punished with a fine or a jail sentence. Please report vandalism to us immediately if you see it happening.
  • The seats at the front of every bus are reserved for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Please relinquish these seats if they are needed.
  • If there are no seats available when you board, it is OK to stand. Stand behind the yellow line on the floor at the front of the bus. If possible, move to the rear of the bus to allow other customers to board. For your safety, hold on to the hand rails when standing onboard ACCESS ALLEGANY buses.
  • Baby strollers and grocery carts are allowed on-board, provided they are collapsed and will fit on your lap or at your feet in front of you.
  • Please keep your hands and arms inside the windows of the bus at all times.
  • Shopping bags and small boxes are OK to bring on-board ACCESS ALLEGANY buses, provided they are small enough to fit on your lap or at your feet in front of you. Do not put bags or boxes in the aisles where they may block passage for other customers. Additional bags will constitute an additional fare.
  • We require that you wear shoes and a shirt on-board an ACCESS ALLEGANY bus.
  • Emergency-exit instructions are displayed inside all ACCESS ALLEGANY buses for customer safety. In an emergency or unusual situation, please notify your bus operator immediately.