Daily/Monthly Passes


  • Base fare is $1.00
  • $.50 for Seniors age 60 and older
  • $.50 for individuals living with a disability
  • Free for Children 6 years of age and younger.


  • You can also pay your fare with Access Allegany Monthly Passes. Month Passes can be purchased from the driver and cost $30.00. You can also purchase your Month Pass anytime online for $31.00 (this includes a $1.00 service fee). If purchasing online, be sure to print your receipt and turn that in the next time you ride the bus and the driver will issue your Month Pass.

Fare information is included on all Access Allegany brochures and is included on all Access Allegany promotional material. You can get fare information for any trip in our system by calling our Access Allegany Call Center at 585-593-1738.

The bus fare is collected by the bus operator when you board the bus.

Please have the exact fare ready when you board.

This will speed up the payment process and make the trip faster for everybody.