Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I take my fishing pole on the bus? A: Unfortunately fishing poles are not allowed on the bus.
  • Q: Can I take my bike on the bus? A: Yes, our buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of them to transport your bike. If you are not sure how to load it just ask the driver.
  • Q: How many bags can I bring on the bus with me? A: There is no set limit to the number of bags, however, please be sure to only take up one seat and use the overhead racks if you need more space.
  • Q: Can I have beer or alcohol on the bus? A: Yes you can but it must not be open or consumed on board.
  • Q: Do I need a car seat for my child? A: It is not required to have a car seat, however, if you want to bring one there are seatbelts to secure the seat.
  • Q: Can My child ride alone? A: There is no age limit to when a child can ride alone, however, the drivers are not able to provide direct supervision of your child.
  • Q: Where can I find schedules? A: Schedules are located on the buses (ask the driver), on the website under the schedules section, they can be sent to you by calling the call center, and they are available in various businesses and county offices.
  • Q: I am in a wheelchair, can I ride the bus? A: Yes, all of our buses are handicap accessible and the drivers will help you secure your wheelchair/scooter prior to leaving the stop.
  • Q: Who can ride the bus? A: Everyone! ACCESS Allegany is a public transit system and available to anyone who needs/wants to ride.
  • Q: I ride every day, are there any special passes available for me? A: Yes, we have an unlimited ride monthly pass available for $30.00.
  • Q: If I become confused reading the schedule, who do I call for help? A: The call center is available Monday - Friday 7:00 - 4:30 and able to help you understand the schedules
  • Q: The bus goes right past my house, can I ride it from there or do I need to go to a stop? A: Yes you can! We call them Flag stops and they do not cost anything extra.
  • Q: How do I know if my bus will be delayed due to weather or construction? A: You can check the ACCESS Allegany Facebook Page, webpage, or call the call center and they can let you know if the bus is running behind.